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This thesis studies the relationship of architecture and the senses. The first part of the document explores sensory characteristics and how they work. It defines their importance in allowing humans to navigate complex environments. The second part of the thesis looks directly at environmental stimuli. It seeks to qualify and
Architecture and Human Senses - Pre-School in Alexandria Old Town, Virginia by Björn Steudte ii. Abstract. Throughout my years of architecture education I have become more and more aware that we are connected with architecture from the very first moments of our life. Architecture, an important part of our environment
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School of Architecture. CHALMERS UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY ...... and that it usually 'prevails' over information obtained by the other senses, in a normal spatial perception process. Yet not .... design projects, and this intention is expressed in my Licentiate dissertation, as well as my doubts about the difficulties to be
Acoustics – the silent sense. A building's soundtrack. Hearing nothing. Smell – space's odour. One in a million. Taste – more a combination of two. The taste of architecture. Interactive architecture – a possible new field for the senses. Conclusion. Introduction. At first, the question of senses in architecture seems to be
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thus putting effort in creating synaesthetic architecture will result in spaces that speak in a more powerful dialogue with our body and memory. This thesis project challenges the idea of visual architecture by creating a museum that focuses on the unity of all senses, encouraging visitors to perceive space with their Common
index. Architecture for the Senses: Thesis. "Architecture is the art of reconciliation between ourselves and the world, and this mediation takes place through the senses." -Juhani Pallasmaa. People are persistently being bombarded by fast moving, visual information in today's built environment and their minds are constantly
people to public and private spaces and how designers can address all the senses through the use of architectural design in order to enable a visually impaired person to accurately comprehend their environment and gain comfort from it. OBJECTIVE. Perception of architecture for the blind and how other senses contribute

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